Golden Journey Lodge

Our lodge meets in the heart of San Francisco at the California Masonic Memorial Temple, generally on the 4th Saturday of every month. We are a fully hybrid lodge, so our members do not have to miss a meeting. 

We practice the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in English for the first 3 degrees. We also offer our members the opportunity to continue on to the Higher grades up to the 33rd degree.

Our last public event was at the Bastille day festival in San Francisco. Please see the What's New section to see what we have been up to.

Meet some of our members (We value the privacy of our members and will not put their name on our page if they wish to be omitted): Pictures and actual bios will be added soon

- Eric is our worshipful master

- Lynn is our secretary

- Irving is in charge of helping our Fellowcrafts

- Jean Claude is in charge of our apprentices

- Nathalie is our orator and Immediate Past Grand Master

- Fabien, James,  Bex, Chris and Andrea are valued members of our lodge who have benefited from our hybrid option. 

More to come