What's New with the GWU

Our New Grand Master

Photo Credit P. Bourque
Meet our new Grand Master Didier Minneci who was elected and installed on November 12th 2022 during our annual congress. He is from our lodge Raoul Zetler in Montreal Canada.

Didier has always been involved in his various projects with a human and environmental vocation, promoting contact and relationships with each other. In Freemasonry, he has fulfilled several Grand Offices and Past Grand Master’s offices, to the point of representing CLIPSAS from 2014 to 2016 at the Economic and Social Council at UN-NYC. 

Didier is also presently the Chairman of the Board of Écomaris, an organization whose social and environmental programs and services converge in a sea expedition allowing for the discovery of the St. Lawrence on a sail training vessels, in the fields of science, ecology, employability, health and team building.

A true enthusiast, he will never cease to deepen his knowledge at Montreal University in philosophy of art, political science, ethics and politics, environmental ethics, and critical theory. As a private collector, he is also very close to the world of arts and letters for which he never fails to affirm his support. Today, he wishes to get even closer to contemporary writers and thinkers, convinced that they are the living and sensitive transmitters of the questions of our societies; a source of immense and unique potential.”

With a dual background in engineering and finance/administration, Didier has always been at the heart of his various companies, managing them while sitting on their boards of directors. 

Founder with his partners of several companies, he has been able to analyze, understand and respond from a financing point of view to the business needs of his growing companies in telecom, real estate, and editing.

His background makes him the perfect person to lead us through these uncertain times.

Installation of the new California Grand Lodge Grand Master 2022

Our Grand Master, Sister Nathalie was invited to the installation of Most worshipful Brother Brill. So on October 23rd she went to the CMMT for the occasion and presented a gift on behalf of the brothers and sisters of the GWU. It was a great honor that she fulfilled to the best of her abilities.

The ceremony is something to be seen. It was quite enjoyable, and definitely a new experience for our Obedience.

Th picture above was taken during the ceremony.

Most Worshipful brother Brill is pausing for the zillionth time that day, but this time, with our GM. 

Here our Grand Master is taking a picture with one of the youths present and honored at the ceremony. Our GM's status and the fact that she is a woman freemason made her quite popular that day.

But it would not be a celebration without meeting old friends. Here she is with Brother Andy Brannan. While she met Past Grand Master John Cooper there too, she does not have the picture to prove it! Newbie I say! :)

Sister Nathalie even got to meet Most Worshipful brother Brill's lovely wife Susan, who was happy to meet a sister.

At the Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference

On the weekend of September 30th 2022, our Grand Ambassador, Sister Cleola Bostic, attended the Esoterism in Freemasonry Conference in Seattle Washington where she represented the GWU. Way to go Sister!

Here sister Cleola is enjoying some down time with Troy Spreeuw, Wes Regan, and Ken Lane.

Troy Spreeuw is  a 20-year veteran student of esotericism, that has been in pursuit of the Great Work since his accidental discovery of Thelema in 2001. Troy is a founder and co-organizer of the Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference which started in 2017, and the voice behind The Scholomance Project podcast since August 2021. He is the Immediate Past Master of the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research and the Worshipful Master of Duke of Connaught Lodge #64 GLBCY. Troy has a passion for ritual and belief that every Being is at the centre of their own spiritual universe. He resides in New Westminster, BC where he works in sales.

Wes Regan is an author, past Master of Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7 and of University Lodge No. 91 in Vancouver, and Past Senior Warden of the Vancouver Lodge of Education and Research.

Ken M. Lane, Jr is a past Worshipful Master of St. John's Lodge, No. 9 in Seattle, Washington (2000). He is also one of the founding members of Esoterika Lodge, No 316 and their first Master, serving from July 2006 through November 2008 and again 2016-2017. He is a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in the Guthrie Valley, Scottish Rite in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He has received the Grand Master's Achievement award and Hiram Award. He serves on the Grand Lodge of Washington Leadership Team. Together with Brother Troy Spreeuw, they host the annual Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference.

Here our sister is photographed with Wes Regan and Jaime Paul Lamb.

Jaime Paul Lamb is an author, Astrologer, Tarotist, and Podcaster. He is a co-host and co-founder of Tria Prima podcast. He is also the current Worshipful Master of Ascension Lodge no. 89 F&AM, a Frater of both the Arizona College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis and the Hermetic Society of the G∴D∴.

At the Maryland Masonic Research Society

On August 13th 2022, our Grand Ambassador Sister Cleola Bostic visited with brother David  Chichinadze. 
Brother David  Chichinadze: Founder and host of the virtual order Sapare Aude, David Chichinadze was initiated, passed, and raised in the English-speaking Lodge “Vilnius Arch” #10 (working in AFAM), Grand Lodge of Lithuania and joined Grand Lodge of Georgia (working in AASR) in October 2019. Currently, he holds the position of the Assistant GM on Foreign Affairs for GLG. He is the local secretary of the Premier Lodge of Masonic Research Quatuor Coronati #2076 for Lithuania. In February 2020 he was initiated into SRIA where he holds I Degree.

Our sister also enjoyed a little chat with  Brother Brent Morris and Brother Ed Johnson.

Brother Brent Morris is co-founder and past President of the Maryland Masonic Research Society, 33rd degree Grand Cross, Past Master of the Patmos Lodge in Maryland and the Quatuor Coronati Lodge in London, England, retired managing editor of the Scottish Rite Journal, and is the author and editor of numerous books and articles on freemasonry. He is also a fellow of teh Philalethes Society. He is a mathematician by training and a magician by inclination.

Brother Ed Johnson is Past Master of Pentalpha Lodge in Germantown MD, past president of the Maryland Masonic Research Society, member of the Scottish Rite Research Society, The Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle, the Philalethes Society, and the Masonic Society.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Earlier this year, our obedience used masonic channels (Grand Lodge of Ukraine and The Grand Orient of Poland) to quickly send funds directly to the people of Ukraine. 

But for the first time, on July 19th 2022, three Masonic jurisdictions came together to present a gift to the international committee of the Red Cross in support of the Ukrainian humanitarian disaster. Grand Master Jeffrey M. Wilkins of the Grand Lodge of California, Jean-Claude Zambelli, the sovereign grand commander of the George Washington Union Supreme Council, and Grand Master David San Juan of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Masons of California, Inc., were in attendance. 

Please visit freemason.org for the full article.

Bastille's Day Festival in San Francisco

Because we are still new at putting ourselves out there, we forgot to take pictures! But take our word for it. Members of our San Francisco Lodge (Golden Journey) and our Half Moon Bay Lodge (The Humanist) were there, between the GODF Pacifica Lodge and the beer stand. This turned out to be the best spot in the house! We met and talked with a lot of people who were interested in our diversity...and maybe a little beer too! We were happy to share with everyone and enjoy the cold beer. Believe it or not, it was hot in San Francisco that day.

Ok, we lied. We do have a picture of our mascot of the day. Meet Mymoona, Brother Valdeir's puppy.

A CLIPSAS General Assembly to Remember

Hard at work during the day. French, English and Spanish were spoken and translated. Masons from all over the world came to make a difference, and prepare for the next United Nation Eco-Soc report.
Happy to see old friends again, and to make new ones. Sister Nathalie Valkov with Flore Edith Mongue Din Grand Master of the Grande Loge Feminine du Cameroon, and our host, Amadeu Alves Grand Master of the Grande Loja Simbolica de Portugal.
From May 13 to 15 2022, Our Grand Master Sister Nathalie Valkov and our Grand Secretary Brother Valdeir Faria attended the 2022 CLIPSAS General assembly in Lisbon Portugal. Our representatives worked hard for the betterment of humanity, and played a little too. 


Signing treaties between sessions.