Who is eligible?

We accept men and women candidates, over 21 years of age, who believe in complete freedom of conscience, in democratic values, in universal human rights, and in the principles of Freemasonry as defined in Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723 and L'Appel de Strasbourg.

The candidates must be "free" of prejudice and dogma, and willing to commit to a lifelong search for the truth through constant reflection, introspection and outward altruism. This occurs with the help of Masonic tools, practices and symbols individually and collectively engaged by candidates who become Freemasons. 

The George Washington Union also accepts as Freemasons those initiated in different Masonic traditions, and streams, including all-male, regular Freemasonry in the Anglo-American tradition. Each lodge has the sovereign right to admit visitors from different traditions should they choose to do so or to affiliate responsible Masons from diverse traditions. Each Lodge can consider requests for affiliation.